HEART Sponsorship Program

A great way to support the living-saving work we do at HEART and to ensure the best care for our animals is to become a sponsor!  We have a variety of monthly and yearly sponsorship levels to suit your budget. Your recurring donation will directly impact the life of an animal by helping us to provide food, veterinary care, shelter and love! 

A breakdown of our monthly running costs can be found here


One paw/ $10USD per month

Even 10 dollars a month can go a long way here at HEART.  Your One paw sponsorship will go towards the monthly running cost at the shelter and provide for the animals in our care.

Two paws/ $20USD per month
$20 can provide enough wet food for a cat for the entire month or provide milk for a bottle-fed kitten or puppy.
Three paws $30USD per month
Sponsorship can provide Heart-worm preventive and flea/tick treatment for one animal for one month.
Four paws/ $50USD per month
Sponsorship will cover the cost of vaccinating, de-worming and an initial health check at the vet for a recent rescue.

To cancel your  monthly sponsorship at any time, please click here:

Friend    $30 per year

Help us to microchip one of our rescued animals.

Lover    $60 per year can pay for a yearly booster vaccine and health check-up for a rescued animal.
Rescuer  $100 can cover the neutering of one male rescued animal per year.

Protector   $200 can cover the spaying of one female rescued animal per year.

Angel    $300 per year
It costs us just under $1 to feed a dog at our shelter each day.  Your Angel sponsorship could provide a year’s worth of food for one dog!

Guardian    $1000 per year can provide care for one healthy rescued animal for an entire year.

To cancel your yearly membership at any time, please click here: